catttitude (catttitude) wrote,

Childhood Waves

When I was a kid we went to the ocean in Mexico. Back then we could camp there and not be worried about anything. The heat of the sun, the light as my small face would look up into the sky with my eye's shut all my seances tingling all at once. I could even taste the salt in the air. Playing all day in the water with so much to explore. I remember the night on the beach, my little brother and I slept under the stars and when I closed my eye's and sweet sleep overtook me I could still feel those waves gently rocking me. I was eight and my world was fascinating.

This was 38 years ago and now I sometimes try to bring those feelings back to myself. The wonder and the absolute beauty of it all. I feel those waves rocking me to and fro sometimes. I welcome them for I know this is what being a child is all about. Pure joy.
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